What if there was a better way
to build stronger communities
across Nova Scotia?

We tackle tough social problems by bringing together residents, governments, community organizations, and businesses in a way that honours their unique perspectives and valuable contributions. Despite many efforts to address systemic issues facing Nova Scotia, we know we can do better—by capitalizing on our collective strength and working cooperatively with respect, trust and transparency. This is what Inspiring Communities is all about.

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Our Approach

We work towards:

Shared Focus Icon

Shared Focus

We are stronger when we are focused and the insights and assets of the community are aligned to resolve challenges like addictions or poor access to health care.

Shared Ownership Icon

Shared Ownership

The issues we are facing affect everyone. Residents, community organizations, businesses, and governments come together as equal partners with a shared commitment to act.

Shared Learning Icon

Shared Learning

Dedicated resources help guide the process, capture and communicate what’s working, and access data to inform decision making. We share what we learn across communities and with policymakers.

Shared Action Icon

Shared Action

We help identify and implement innovative and research-based strategies for longstanding issues. Actions at the community level contribute to change across the province.

Our Communities

Inspiring Communities is an evolving network of community initiatives. We learn from experiences across communities, and from the different partners at the table. We engage diverse groups and people with lived experience to change how we address important issues, and to inform policy-making. Learn more about the communities we are working in.

Our Impact

Today, more than ever, we need to work differently. Together we can find better ways of thinking that lead to better ways of creating positive change. While the Inspiring Communities approach takes more time, it deepens relationships and builds trust, making Nova Scotia’s communities better places to live, work, and play.

  • Shared Focus

    We have engaged widely and deeply with community members in Dartmouth North and the Northside, Cape Breton to identify priority areas to focus our work.
  • Shared Ownership

    We organize for impact by bringing together residents and decision-makers from across all sectors to tackle priorities together. Everyone has a role to play.
  • Shared Learning

    We support the development of shared measures in our communities for assessing impact, and we track how our work is affecting relationships and decision-making within communities and with government.
  • Shared Action

    We facilitate the identification and development of better approaches and new solutions so we can act together to solve the social priorities communities are addressing.