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Rising Tide Projects

Northside Rising

We know making an impact on our community will take time, however, we want to ensure change starts now!

Therefore, we want to introduce what we’re calling “Rising Tide Projects.” These projects will generate the early impacts that drive us toward change and hope.

There are so many good ideas in our community that could be used to improve life on the Northside – serving everyday citizens, disadvantaged groups, youth, the hungry, and so many others.

We want to give these ideas a chance to become reality!

If you have a project or idea you think could improve the community, seize the opportunity to apply for modest funding through a simple, clear process with a short turnaround from application to approval.

Some ideas for projects include: murals, recreation equipment, benches, mini-libraries, neighbourhood clean-ups, gardens, community needs, carnivals, record-breaking challenges, start-up funds for larger community improvement projects, and much more!

As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats… This is our hope for the Rising Tide projects, that they will raise awareness, build capacity, encourage our spirit of community, and provide front-end, immediate community impact for those living on the Northside.

To learn a little more about the Rising Tide Projects, download our “Values and Priorities” document here.

TO APPLY FOR A RISING TIDE PROJECT download our application form here.