Between the Bridges: Sharing Progress and Learning (2019)

This is a summary report of the Formative Evaluation (below). This report shares an overview of Between the Bridge’s journey from 2015 through to 2019, along with the highlights from the formative evaluation. Read on to hear the voices from the BTB network, about the strengths, areas for learning and evolving practices moving forward.

Between the Bridges: Formative Evaluation Report 2019

This in-depth report  identifies learning and successes since Between the Bridges began, and informs how to strengthen the work going forward. The 5 page summary of this report is shared above.

Housing Quality and Affordability in Dartmouth North, Between the Bridges (Dec 2018)

This report provides a snapshot in time of key information related to housing in Dartmouth North, as of December 2018.

Conditions for Student Success Report (Nov 2018) 

This is a summary report of qualitative data related to student success.

Between the Bridges: Education Update phase 1 (October 2018)

This report is an education update from the Between the Bridges network, as of October 2018.